Sebastian Volco & Pablo Gignoli

Piano - bandoneon

Argentinian composers Sebastian Volco and Pablo Gignoli started working together in late 2000s in Buenos Aires. In 2012, they moved to France where they formed the duo Volco & Gignoli. The duo, which performs their own compositions and arrangements of famous rock, jazz and tango songs, brings together two different worlds : rock and jazz fusion on one hand (Sebastian Volco is the director of the psychedelic rock/world/free jazz band Orquesta Metafísica) and contemporary tango on the other (Pablo Gignoli is the director of the neo tango orquestra TAXXI Tango XXI and a former participant of Orquesta Típica Fernandez Fierro).

The duo has given hundreds of concerts in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and United States on a variety of stages including Centre Georges Pompidou, Maison Radio France, Tarbes Tango Festival, Albi Tango Festival, Tango Roots Festival, Berlin Tangoloft, Cafe Ada (Wuppertal), Haus de Sinne (Berlin), Berlin Contemporary Tango Festival, Tango Milieu (Hannover) and many others.

Since 2018, Volco & Gignoli have been working with the founders of Gotan Project Muller and Makaroff as participants of the new modern tango group Plaza Francia Orquesta. On several occasions they have shared the stage with famous French singers : Catherine Ranger (Volco & Gignoli) and Benjamin Biolay (Pablo Gignoli).

The performances of Volco & Gignoli at Barjac en Tango

Friday 12th of July

  • 21:30-02:00 : Concert followed by a milonga with a show and live music. Main hall of the castle // €15

Saturday 13th of July

Sunday 14th of July

  • 19:00-23:00 : Milonga of despedida outdoors. La Lisette square // Free